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Oil Lamp Burners

Burners are the "business" part of a lamp. They are the mechanism which by design, mix air and fuel to produce a controlled flame. The burner is regulated by adjusting the height of the wick, thereby increasing or decreasing the size of the flame. Many types of burners are shown here for a variety of different fuels. There was certainly no lack of creativity to "build a better burner." Hundreds upon hundreds of variations on the theme were proposed or manufactured. Some are depicted here.

From an early postal cover - The ASTRAL Argand Burner

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Burner Boxes

Burner Boxes - shows a number of original boxes in which the burners were sold.

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Glass Topped Burners

Glass Topped Burners - showcases a number of burners with design elements aimed at increased light output.

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Burning Fluid Burners

Burning Fluid Burners - features burners designed for burning fluid or camphene.

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Whale Oil Burners

Whale Oil Burners - features burners designed for whale oil and "heavy oils."

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Prong or Slip Burners

Prong or Slip Burners - features burners with prongs to hold the chimney.

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Burners w/ Tabs, Springs

Burners w/ Tabs, Springs - features burners with tabs or springs to grasp the chimney, and similarly styled burners.

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Lip or Flange Burners

Lip or Flange Burners - burners which secure a lipped chimney by mechanical means with pins, clips or set-screws.

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Night Lamp Burners

Night Lamp Burners - burners which you may find on night lamps, commonly called miniature lamps.

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