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Night Lamp Burners

Here are a number of burners that you might encounter on a Night Lamp or Miniature Lamp.

Olmstead burner with two opposing semicircles to grab the chimney.

A "Vienna" burner often found on foreign or imported lamps.

The HORNET by Plume and Atwood.

A special burner found on the BANNER lamp.

"RATCHET" burner often found on cigar lighter lamps, w/ shade holder.

Olmstead variant with three flat spring wires to engage chimney.

Olmstead variant with four stylish prongs to engage chimney.

Another Olmstead variant with four round spring wires to engage chimney, here Little Harry's Night Lamp.

Ratchet burner variant with snuffer cap. Often found on brass hand lamps.

The NUTMEG burner - very common.
More nutmeg burners

Time lamp burner with five flat prongs to grip the chimney-shade.

Little Beauty Night Lamp with a burner similar to the Time Lamp.

The ACORN, another VERY common night lamp burner.
More acorn burners

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