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Prong or Slip Burners

This is a familiar burner style whereby three or the usual four distinct prongs extending upward are designed to hold the chimney in place. While there are countless variations of the prong burner, the style generally incorporates stylized or embossed brass prongs which "grip" the straight sides of the chimney. Basically, the chimney is held on by friction. The chimney style corresponding to this burner style is called a "slip" chimney. It has straight (flat and parallel) sides near the base and can be 'slipped' into or out of the burner.

This burner features an automatic extinguisher and if tipped, the deflector closes like eyelids and puts out the flame.

This is TAPLIN's King Grip burner where three prongs are compressed at a pivot point inside the chimney and "grip" it from within.

This PHOENIX burner has an exterior fill tube and an extinguisher feature.

A very early prong burner, Arnold and Blackman's patent, 1868.

Here's a Plume & Atwood FIRESIDE burner with a flip top in a scarce size zero.

A highly embossed and decorative burner.

This BLAKESLEE burner is quite rare, from 1870.

A highly embossed UPTON burner in a very scarce zero size. Note the "wavy" thumb turn.

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