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Oil Lamp Chimneys

Chimneys are an integral part of an oil lamp, both functional and decorative:

  • They protect the flame from wind and air currents which could blown out the flame or cause excessive flickering.
  • They help reduce the risk of fire often associated with open-flame lamps.
  • They, along with the burner design, help induce a draft, which promotes better combustion, increased fuel economy, and decreased smoking.
  • At some point in time, chimneys became quite decorative and elaborate, further enhancing the beauty and value (especially today) of a lamp.

Gem advertisement
From an early advertising card - The "GEM" Chimney

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Chimney Tops

Chimney Tops - shows a variety of different ways that the tops of chimneys were formed

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Chimney Heaters

Chimney Top Heaters - shows a number of ingeneous ways people took advantage of the heat generated by a burning lamp.

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Chimney Covers

Chimney Covers - a few methods of keeping bugs and debris out of the chimney and burner.

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Chimney Cleaners

Chimney Cleaners - a variety of tools and gadgets invented to aid in the cleaning of the lamp chimney.

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Colored Glass Chimneys

Colored Chimneys - the colors ran the spectrum, many made of period art glass.

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Tree-Shaped Chimneys

Tree-Shaped Chimneys - a scarce form of lamp chimney highly sought after by many collectors.

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Angle Lamp Chimneys

Angle Lamp Chimneys - a few chimney-tops by the Angle Lamp Company.

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Chimney Packaging

Chimney Packaging - occasionally a chimney turns up in it's original packaging or box, or with literature.

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Mold-Blown Chimneys

Mold-Blown Chimneys - shows a number of different blown chimneys, most for "specialty" burners.

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Interesting Chimneys

Interesting Chimneys - a mish-mosh of odd shapes and unique designs.

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