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Tiny Juno Lamp by Miller Miller's TINY JUNO Hand Lamp
    a brief historical profile of     
Edward Miller & Company

Edward Miller started his business in Meriden, Connecticut, in the 1840's making and selling camphene and burning fluid burners. By the 1860's, Edward Miller had become an aggressive competitior in the lamp business. 1

Miller Illustrated Billhead
1903 Illustrated Billhead - Manufacturers of Empress, Miller, Dresden and Juno Lamps
Miller's business effectively began in 1844 when Horatio N. Howard opened a small shop in Meriden, Conn. that made screws, candle holders, candle stick springs, as well as lamps that burned whale oil and a variety of burning fluids.2 In 1845, Edward Miller took over Howard's business. He faced a number of initial obstacles: poor facilities, lack of raw materials and primitive manufacturing methods. Miller overcame these challenges and eventually moved into better quarters, introduced steam power into the plant, and increased production. Disaster struck in 1857 when fire destroyed the shop. It was quickly rebuilt, and business continued to expand and prosper.3

Miller Lip Burner
A Miller Lip Burner, unused condition, 1-5/8" fitter
When Colonel Edwin L. Drake struck oil in Titusville in 1859, kerosene quickly became a safe and affordable lamp fuel. Miller envisioned an immediate need for burners for the new fuel and siezed the opportunity. In 1866, Miller formed a Joint Stock Company and reorganized under the name of Edward Miller & Co. The manufacturing capacity of the firm was immediately increased.4 In 1868, Miller constructed a brass rolling mill to keep up with his company's demand for brass, and to ensure a more consistent quility of product than he could count on from his suppliers. The Miller Rolling Mill would become a major division of the corporation.5

Miller Advertising Cover
1894 Miller Advertising Cover
A shrewd businessman, Miller never rested on his laurels. He strove for perfection and insisted upon the highest quality for all his products. As the times changed, so did types of illumination. As gas became a viable fuel source for cooking, heating and illumination, Miller entered into the manufacture of gas lighting fixtures and stoves. As the age of electricity beckoned, Miller followed the trend, or more appropriately, blazed new trails. He improved upon Thomas Edison's carbon filiment lamp by designing a tungsten filiment lamp. Miller pioneered mercury vapor and fluorescent lighting systems in the late 1930's as well.6

Starting around 1884 through 1892, Edward Miller & Company manufactured the "ROCHESTER" line of lamps for The Rochester Lamp Company, located at 42 Park Place and 37 Barclay Street, New York City. They billed themselves as "The largest wholesale and retail lamp store in the world," with branch stores in London, Paris and Chicago. Edward Miller produced, according to the catalog, 2000 designs and of variations of the Rochester, and in every manner of lamp - table, hanging store lamp, hanging library lamp, pull-down hall lamps, bracket lamps, night lamps, and more. After 1892, The Bridgeport Brass Company was awarded the contract to manufacture the lamps for The Rochester Lamp Company, which were then branded "New Rochester" to distinguish them from the former.

Marcy Burner
An early J.J. Marcy Burner
manufactured by Edward Miller

Edward Miller died in 1909 at the age of 82. The Miller Company continued to produce it's wares to his high standards and is still in existence today.

From December 4, 1860 to May 12, 1942, the company gained the rights to at least 139 lighting-related patents. See the patent table below for details. These include lamps, lanterns, burners, lampfillers, bicycle lamps, hanging lamp components of all descriptions, and metal spinning processes. Miller's most famous burner was named for it's inventor, John J. Marcy. Marcy assigned six patents to Miller, and may have been in Miller's employ during the 1860's. Marcy has at least eleven lighting patents to his credit. Other notable inventors include Frank Theodore Williams, assignor of twenty-three patents; Frank Rhind, assignor of twenty-seven patents, and William C. Homan, assignor of thirty-seven patents to Edward Miller & Co.

Edward Miller CatalogThis is a reprint of an 1881 Edward Miller & Co. Illustrated Catalogue of Bronzed, Decorated, and Real Bronze Lamps and Cigar Lighters. It is an invaluable reference for anyone interested in kerosene lighting. This 100 page catalog depicts hundreds of lamps and is well executed.

Check The Book Nook for available copies of this catalog!

MagnifySearch Edward Miller's Patents

Patents assigned to Edward Miller between December 4, 1860 - May 12, 1942
30856 35649 39320 RE2158 58097 RE2412 60215 66366
71949 78378 130530 133885 RE5412 D6876 144132 148964
155527 159608 171165 RE6844 183965 202580 220535 292295
257021 259170 263534 284889 286063 286007 301265 311779
336326 339923 341661 353480 357412 361546 364438 366014
372639 373154 375536 379813 379908 383769 386658 388195
388445 389409 390254 392969 395757 395845 397518 401781
403841 406107 408306 412502 416236 416237 424711 424712
428170 428882 429742 434929 440748 441632 442524 443868
445082 454528 455878 471083 472468 477034 477035 477862
477863 477864 477865 478288 478639 481674 483167 494862
494863 496657 499273 509621 514158 535499 536207 537890
538427 539761 556980 559069 564309 571631 573148 575717
575779 576769 577429 578251 578014 580623 581991 583534
586269 589588 598688 614471 614916 615666 623606 639853
640981 644786 651404 656235 659333 599334 662582 662583
662584 668725 671464 691832 752225 804951 1029298 1074719
1199072 1235268 2282989
[ additional patents will be added as they are discovered ]
D = Design Patent, RE = Reissue of an earlier Patent

To view any of the above patents, enter the number in the box below and select Query USPTO Database. This will take you to the specific patent images on the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Database. Learn more about the USPTO here.

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