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    was this burner ever made?     
The ROUP Burner
Roup Burner
T.T. Roup's design for a means of securing lip chimneys to the burner. This image appeared in The Scientific American, April 25, 1868.

While doing some microfilm research at the Newburgh Free Library a few years ago, I ran across the following entry in the April 25, 1868 edition of The Scientific American. To my knowledge, a burner utilizing this rather unique form of chimney attachment has not been produced. I could not find any patents issued to the petitioner, T.T. Roup. I was able to locate the 1850 Federal Census entry for Thomas Roup in Warren County, Kentucky. He is listed as being 25 years of age and his occupation is listed as "laborer." Thomas T. Roup was born in Ohio and of German descent. He married Eliza J. Higgins, a Pennsylvania native of Irish descent. They had one daughter, Alice D. Roup born on October 28, 1854 in Warren County, Kentucky. I located a miscellaneous entry regarding licensing to sell spirits and liquor in Warren County, Kentucky in 1860 to Thos. T. Roup, and in 1862 to T.T. Roup. These are likely all the same person.

The transcript of The Scientific American entry follows in its entirety:

"Those kerosene lamp tops on which the glass chimney is held by means of a screw frequently break from the expansion of the glass by the heat of the flame if the screw is set up against the glass, and if the screw is not closely set up the chimney rattles if the lamp is moved, or perhaps falls off. Those also which hold the chimney by a spring frequently get out of order by the relaxation of the tension of the spring. To overcome these annoyances is the object of this improvement."

"The top is of the usual form, but the rim that holds the flange of the chimney is in two parts, hinged as seen in the engraving at A, and held when closed by the spring, B, and catches, C. When open, as in the illustration, the chimney is placed on the lamp top and the two semi-circles brought together and fastened by the spring. The bent snugs, D, overlap the flange of the chimney and when the glass becomes heated they yield sufficiently to its expansion to prevent it from breaking. Preliminary steps for securing a patent have been taken through the Scientific American Patent Agency by the inventor, T.T. Roup, of Greencastle, Ky."

If anyone has seen a production model, or any additional information on the actual patent for this burner, I'd appreciate hearing from you. You may contact me here. Thanks.

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