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Gallery of Lighting Billheads and Invoices

This billhead from Haida Lamp & China Company is dated April 3, 1893. Their salesroom was located at 53 Warren Street, New York. It depicts two excellent images of kerosene lamps - one parlor and one hanging.

This D. Burrell billhead is from September 28, 1875. They were an agent of the American Glass Company and were located at 45 Barclay Street, New York. They sold "Coal Oil Lamps, Chimneys, &c." This invoiced, among other items, 14-1/2 dozen lamp chimneys.

Here's a later D. Burrell's Sons billhead from April 27, 1880. Now located at 120 Chambers and 50 Warren Streets, New York. This depicts the Burrel's Patent Fount and Tripod Holder. This invoiced 20 dozen lamp chimneys.

From Sam'l Engle & Co., New York. This December 5, 1865 billhead is for a barrel of oil. The company sold "Kerosene Oil, Benzole, Alcohol, Spirits Turpentine, Rosin, Tar, &c." They also sold "First Quality Chimneys, All Sizes."

From J.O. Dorr's Son, New York. This October 1885 billhead is for 5 barrels of oil at $1.25 each. The image depicts a barrel of Electric Light Oil, Extra High Test

From C.F.A. Hinrichs, New York. This billhead is dated June 25, 1884 and is for one brass student lamp at a cost of $3.00. Hinrichs list themselves as importers of C.A. Kleeman's St. Germain or German Student Lamps, among other things.

This Downer Kerosene Oil Co. bill is dated April 12, 1870, and is for 5 barrels of oil at $2.35 each.

From R. Hollings & Co., Boston, Mass. This January 27, 1894 billhead is for a globe, brass tapers, some chimneys and a 4" shade ring.

From Edward Miller & Co., Meriden, Conn. This turn-of-the-century billhead features an image of their factory and mentions Dresden, Juno, Miller and Empress lamps. Dated March 27, 1903.

From Baron & Houghin Mfg. Co., New York, September 1892. Gas and lamp fixtures, metal spinning, etc. Nice vignette featuring a beautiful student lamp body.

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