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Select Lighting Links

There are a number of Web Sites and Web Pages devoted to Lighting. Some are presented by individual collectors, while others are supported by particular Lighting Clubs, Organizations, Scholars and Researchers. The following links cover a broad variety of subjects and highlight some of the more informative and educational offerings on the Web.

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  • The Collectors Weekly

    Member, Collectors Weekly Hall of Fame: The Best of Antiques and Collecting

    The Lampworks is proud to have been "inducted" into The Collectors Weekly - Hall of Fame as one of the Best Collector Sites on the Web. Although not strictly devoted to lighting, it is a great on-line resource. The site, started by Dave Margulius, was created as he "...started paying attention to all the amazing sites out there built by individuals with intense passion for their areas of collecting, pouring their heart and soul into it, creating sites that just blew me away." "I wanted to shine a spotlight on these people and web sites, create a showcase on the Internet for the best of Antiques and Collecting."

  • The International Guild of Lamp Researchers

    Founded in 1997 as a forum for the free and open exchange of information between lighting scholars worldwide. Features an informative Question and Answer page where anyone can post questions about liquid and gaseous fueled lamps, and a Lamp Terms Dictionary in both English and German!

  • The Rushlight Club

    A non-profit educational organization, founded in 1932, which is dedicated to the study of early lighting. An informative site offering articles and descriptions of all types of lighting, from early candles and rushlights through kerosene, gas and even electricity.

  • The Historical Lighting Society of Canada

    Established in 1981, the HLSC currently draws on a membership of lighting enthusiasts from across Canada, the United States, and abroad.

  • Fairy Lamp Club and Newsletter

    The Fairy Lamp Club, established 1996, is dedicated to the research and advancement of information related to Victorian and contemporary fairy lamps. It is the only Club dedicated to this specialized collectable.

  • David Broughton's Sirlampsalot Publications

    Showcasing Dave Broughton's lamp and lighting catalog reprints. Follow the link to find out more about these catalogs and Dave's plans to publish a wealth of additional Lighting Catalogs in the future!

  • The Aladdin Knights

    This site is dedicated to the collectors of antique coal-oil and electric Aladdin lamps. Offers quite a comprehensive history of the Aladdin lamp in both pictures and descriptive text, as well as detailed directions on using your lamp.

  • The Night Light

    The Night Light is a collectors club for miniature oil lamp enthusiasts. The club was founded in 1990. The club focuses on lamps made during the Victorian era, roughly 1860 to 1920. The site provides information about collecting miniature oil lamps to collectors and non-collectors alike.

  • The Kerosene Lantern Connection

    This site, by Dennis Pearson, is devoted to all types of kerosene lanterns. It offers sections on lantern history, a guide to assess the condition of your lantern, and provides a resource for replacement parts as well. The site offers plenty of pictures to illustrate the descriptions.

  • Lights of the Past

    This site, by Monsieur Ara, offers a quick survey of kerosene and gas lighting from the mid-19th century to early 20th century. Of particular interest is the Flames page which features many working gas and kerosene burners showing the type of flames they produce, and how certain burners and chimneys "manipulate" the flame.

  • Pressure Lamps Unlimited

    This web site, by Dr. Alan Moore, is dedicated to the Pressure Lamp. For the really keen collector, and the student, there is a section on the history and development of the pressure lamp, and there is also a list of manufacturers and brand names. One of a very few sites devoted to this type of lighting.

  • Old Time Lamp Shop

    Lighting collector Jamie T. Jones maintains this web site which covers a wide variety of lighting devices from candles to lard and whale oil to Victorian-era kerosene lamps. Lots of interesting pictures and information.

  • International Coleman Collector's Club

    The International Coleman Collectors Club (I.C.C.C.) is a group of folks that collect Coleman lanterns, lamps, irons, stoves, hollow wire fixtures and just about every other thing produced by Coleman since the turn of the century.

  • The Kessler Collection

    Roger Kessler, a long-time lantern collector, showcases a wide variety of dead flame, hot blast, cold blast and electric lanterns. High quality image galleries are provided for each category - a real treat for lantern enthusiasts.

  • Classic Camp Stoves

    Welcome to the Classic Camp Stoves website - The online resource for the collector & enthusiasts of camping stoves. A neat site with tons of information on the subject.

  • Stuart Driver's Miller Lamp web site

    Stuart has a web site devoted to the lamps manufactured by Edward Miller & Company of Meriden, Conn. He provides information on Miller lamps (Juno, Empress, Meteor, New Vestal, and other models), replacement parts and tips on care and restoration.

  • - W.T. Kirkman

    Woody Kirkman has put together a web site containing just about anything you'd care to know about tubular lanterns including history, proper care and use, replacement parts, etc. A valuable resource for the lantern enthusiast.

  • Dave Johnson's Mining Artifacts

    This site is dedicated to those who daily faced the danger, uncertainty, darkness, dampness, heat and cold of underground mining, those who were drawn to toil in the depths of the earth. This site offers the most awesome display of mine lighting devices that I've ever seen.

  • The Carbide Lamp Page

    Lots of information on carbide mine lamps and bicycle lights - articles, pictures, tips for maintaining your lamps, diagrams, parts and restoration.

  • Be-Back-Later - Bart J. Meijer

    An online resource for historic lighting, collectively built by lamp and lantern enthusiasts, with loads of information provided by collectors all over the world. Features a forum which covers various types of lighting, including lamp restoration resources.

  • Antique Lighting Webring

    The Antique Lighting Webring is for anyone who is interested in antique lighting. Websites include clubs, homepages or commercial sites primarily dedicated to the study and collecting of historic lighting.

    Antique Lighting Webring
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This list is by no means comprehensive. We welcome your comments and suggestions. If you have a lighting web site and would like to be included here, please contact us. Thank you!

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